The Thunder Battle

Everyone want to change to a better self every new day. Fighting battles with our past self, facing & overcoming the challenges and becoming a better self.

Her eyes closed tight
palms covered the ears
Head bent low to the ground
Seeing the powerful lightening flash
frightened and afraid of the thunder showers
was a routine of her.
She decided and thought to herself
all this should be now a ‘once upon a time’!

She sat down in her balcony
her backbone straight
pressure of the strong wind forked her face
warned for the upcoming battle.
Her eyes were bold to face the big lightening,
a more powerful flash hit her eyes
She just blinked and opened her eyes again
yet more determined to face the next opponent – The Thunder
The gigantic crackling sound breached straight from the clouds to her ears
Her head no more trying to reach the ground
Was up straight
Her eyes spoke – Yes! That fear was a ‘Once upon a time’!

That sharp beam of sunlight

So here is a short tale of a beam of light who wants to run through the thick canopy and reach the ground.

That sharp beam of sunlight

Tried hard to pierce through the canopy

Of the tall old almond tree

To achieve its goal to explore the ground beneath it.

Almost devastated at the dusk

Came back sprinting early next dawn

With much more courage and confidence

Returned that sharp beam of sunlight.

That sharp beam of sunlight

Kept telling itself

That day is no more far from today

Then you can show mud the blue bright sky.

Then came, that cold breeze of winter

The barrier leaves turned red and fell down to ground

Brown branches laid out the hands and welcomed

Seemed for that sharp beam of sunlight.

That sharp beam of sunlight

Running through the brown clear braches

Sparkling the ground, screamed out of joy

The goal, ‘operation straight to mud’ completed!

That sharp beam of sunlight

Made me think, there would and must be a great time,

For our goal to be reached

We only need those three big things

Patience, determination and trust on ourselves.


All depends on the perspective. Try to see the positive side, the hope and work for the best for the things which you find are not going well. All not so good things may have some good in them just find that good and go on. The good is near!

The noise of the thrashing rain drops

Woke me up in the morning

With my eyes blurred and hair stiff

I view straight out of the window.

The rain seemed ferocious

It took down the nests and left the birds shiver in the cold

The branches of the almond tree were fractured

The leaves seemed frowning.

Not sure if my senses blurred more or less

The noise seemed music

The dew drops dripping from the window grills

Shined bright and beautiful

The canopies seemed to swing with the wind

Happy that their roots will gift them water

The raindrop paragliding from the silver cloud

Seemed so sportive and thrilled to land on the ground.

My perspective suddenly changed

Everything turned beautiful at the moment

Homeless birds were on the other side

Hoping for the flip of the coin.

The Microscopic World Tourist

-Losari Vaishnavi

These are the lines my brain thought of, in May this year in the mid of the lockdown imposed amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic has changed the perspective of people on the daily activities around them. Hope the ‘normal’ returns soon!

The Blue Planet at a standstill!

Homo sapiens are so frowned as never before,

More saddened by the mysterious virus,

By each passing day, as the infection sore.

Schools shut! Colleges shut!

From toy stores to

International airports

Everything shut!

Suspended classes, exam postpones!

Countries with lockdowns & cities with red zones.

Masks and sanitizers become celebs of huge demand,

While shopping of non-essentials & public gatherings are strictly banned.

People struck wherever they are!

Overseas, far off states, miles away from home.

With no employment ,food grains departed,

Leaving migrant labourers their feet in their hands to get back home.

Taking Lakhs of lives & millions to hospital,

This virus, doesn’t kneel and still wants to stand tall.

“Go Corona, Go Corona”, says the people’s rhymes,

In these, newfound Covid -19 Pandemic times.

But then, Air breathes fresh,

River proves it can be blue.

With horns and factories shut,

People realize birds have the ‘Best Musician’ hue.

Introvert animals explore the urban world,

While people stayed indoors, anxious and furled.

With sale of Alcohol and other drugs being stopped,

Addicts get a beautiful chance, to remould this comma into a healthy full stop!

Unnecessary outings and spitting –

In public are treated as crimes,

With everyone at home,

These are the best family times!

So, are we really in a need of a

Simple RNA Strand,

To tell the mankind,

‘We are not the masters”?

The Nature’s Concert

-Losari Vaishnavi

When you close your eyes, relax, open after the count ten and sense the nature, you can really feel the music it plays. And yes, its beautiful! The trees and the birds seem so happy and optimistic, filled with hope and enjoying the present tense of their life!

Was walking on a curvy path

The trees with some red

and green leaves welcomed,

Floral arrays read “Musical Fest”.


The enthusiastic birds confidently performed,

Koel and the nightingale were giving a duet,

Geese were giggling with their guitars,

While parrots played piano,

Doves mastered drums,

Flamingos were fluent with flutes,

And sparrows added melody with their sitars.


Swinging their branches and

Showering twigs and flowers,

All the lush green trees and colourful shrubs

gave chorus in unison,

And clouds entertained with their crazy shapes!

Unlike the world outside,

These diverse elements of nature,

got equal importance and respect.

Everybody were considered versatile and unique

Then I realised,

I was in a true heavenly ‘Nature’s Concert’!

That strange land

-Losari Vaishnavi

Have you ever been to a place and the happenings there knocked your thoughts with the word ‘strange’ ? Now, travel to this strange land and see if it exists or it is a fantasy.

Oh, what a strange place

where there are no fights,

and not even nights.

All The tricks of a wizard,

was taken away by a lizard.

A mango tree was fill of Apples,

My mind was full of baffles.

The sun rises in the West,

For this place, I was the only guest.

A full academic session was for only a half year,

For students here, there was no examination fear.

The pond full of chocolate cream,

Oh! It was only my dream!

The stage of Happiness

-Losari Vaishnavi

They play a lot,

At the same time cry a lot.

Their thinking is always good,

They are never rude.

They are the innocent fellows,

They love to say hellos.

They don’t have rules and regulations ,

They are the real magicians.

Having magic in their eyes,

They don’t know the meaning of lies.

I think till now you could have known the meaning of ‘They’,

Don’t worry, ‘They’ refers to cheerful children!

The Black Beauty:Night

– Losari Vaishnavi

Ever wondered about a black night sky? Who doesn’t the beautiful night amaze? So did it to a 13 year old me. Years back, when I used to glare at the sky and those stars without any fear about life around me!

The black night sky

How beautiful it is, why?

It is not depend on the season,

Can you tell the reason?

You will forget all about the wars,

If you see tiny stars

Some think night sky is creepy,

Observe it, don’t feel sleepy

The size changing moon,

We should find the reason soon!

Invaluable ‘She’

-Losari Vaishnavi

This is the first poem written by me, about the beautiful heart I have ever known. Wrote it when I was 13.😁

We all know a person,

who has multiqualities.

She is sweet and neat,

from head to feet.

She always thinks about our better,

which is good for our future.

She is beautiful and heartful,

if we are with her, it is joyful.

Can you guess who is ‘she’?

She is our great mother!

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